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Zelfar Missing

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author picCharacteristic of writers, I can trace my desire to make up stories back to my toddler years when I would bring my picture books to life. In my pre-teen years my dolls had glorious adventures in lands of fantasy and magic. My big sister, Janet, and I would create our own perfect worlds in the forests near our home.

Fantasy gave way to college, marriage, children and careers-by-chance. You know those jobs that come along and you find yourself doing them longer than you thought you would? I managed the office at a cemetery, owned a gymnastics academy, and wrote quotes for fork-lift sales. My role as a Human Resources manager for a large high-tech company held me for nearly sixteen years.

In retirement I returned to my fantasy worlds expressing them through acrylic painting and poetry. It was in caring for Janet as she went through chemo-therapy that I found my passion in writing fiction. To keep my sister focused on living, I suggested we write a book. The topic would be something we were familiar with: fantasy, spirituality, utopia, and a little science fiction. We brainstormed plots, characters, and perfect worlds just like we did in our small town forests of Southwest Washington.

I wrote the story and Janet gave big-sister advice. It started as a fun activity to keep her going, but soon worked its magic on both of us. It made her good days better; and I was having so much fun with it I could barely put it down. It wasn’t long before I was encouraged by others to turn this project into a real book. Janet passed away before it was completed, but I made a promise to her and myself that I would finish it and get it published. Of course, it is dedicated in loving memory of my precious sister and life-long friend.

Sharing my sister’s journey revealed a new direction for my own. Whether by chance, destiny, or choice, I have found my passion. I will forever be grateful to Janet for helping me to embrace it. Her love will live on in the Zelfar Series.

I live, love, and laugh in the panoramic mountains and high desert of central Oregon. I am blessed with a built-in fan club including my wonderful husband, amazing children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, siblings, family and friends. Thank you for your continued encouragement. I love you all.